Grandmaster Instructor (Kwan Jang Nim) Susan Everetts  took her first martial arts classes in
1974, at Clarion University of Pa. Her interests began with both Judo at the University and then
Tae Kwon Do.
She is currently an 8th Dan under the International Hosinsul Federation and  9th Dan
(understudy) in Chang Moo Kwan  TKD under Sr. Grandmaster Will D. Egner. She was
designated as the senior woman "oversee" for the USA women in Chang Moo Kwan TKD, and
promoted January, 2012. She is also a Master Certified Trainer for the United States Police
Defensive Tactics Assoc. and World Defensive Tactics Assoc. under Dr. Ric Black.

Susan is  a member of the National Women's Martial Arts Federation. She has continued to
study  TaeKwonDo, Hapkido, KunTao, TaiChi and  Kung Fu, under her husband  Sr. Grandmaster
Jeff Everetts, 10th Dan and is currently studying Remy Presas Modern Arnis and Kombaton
under Datu Tim Hartman.
Susan specializes in teaching not only Self Defense-(with an emphasis on knife defense) and
the full range of Styles, but also the Bo Staff and Sword for tournament competition.
Susan is a Faculty instructor of credited martial arts courses at the University of Pittsburgh-
Bradford where she has taught since 1997. She also has served as the faculty advisor for the
Mixed Martial Arts Club at the University for the past 16 yrs. In addition to her International
Instructors certifications,Susan holds a B.S. Degree in Secondary Education Sciences,  is
nationally certified in Medical Technology and is Licenced by NY. State in medical technology,
Hematology. She has more than 35 yrs. of professional teaching experience, teaching students
of all ages.

GM Everetts was  honored by the National Women's  Martial Arts Federation with a "Spotlight "
article on her - in their latest quarterly magazine,"Women in the Martial Arts" this December
2011, and a spotlight article in the last spring edition of the University of Pittsburgh at
Bradford's "Source", 2012.

                                   GRANDMASTER'S MESSAGE:
** GM Everetts believes there is a real need in today's society in  providing Reality Based
Martial Arts, Self-Defense and Personal  Protection- as well as Anti-Bullying curriculum
for students of all ages**
       Awards and Honors Highlights:

  • First Place Forms and First Place in Weapons-Sr. Master Division-Battle of Buffalo

  • First Place in Forms-Sr. Master Division-C.S.Kim National All Martial Arts Championships,

  • 2011 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors-" Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts, under GM
    Alan Goldberg

  • 2011 Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame,under Master Eric Kovaleski and GM
    Cynthia Rothrock

  • 2011-Co-Director, New York State Directorship-United States Martial Artist Association-
    under SGM William Rankin

  • 2011- International Female Self Defense Grandmaster of the Year-Martial Arts Health and
    Fitness Association under GM Günther Benjamins-Emden, Germany

  • 2011-Golden Lifetime Achievement Award-United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame under
    SGM William Rankin

  • 2011-Assistant New York Director -United States Police Defensive Tactics Association
    under SGM Ric Black

  • 2011-Master  Certified Trainer- USPDTA and WDTA

  • 2012-Goodwill Ambassador to the Martial Arts-Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors

  • 2012-World Karate Union Hall of Fame-Grandmaster of the Year, TKD- under GM 's

  • 2012-Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame -Silver Lifetime Achievement, 35+ yrs.-under
    GM Cynthia Rothrock and Master Eric Kovaleski

  • 2013-Grandmaster of the Year Award-United States Martial Artist Association Hall of Fame -
    under SGM William Rankin

  • 2014-Goodwill Ambassador to the Martial Arts-Action Martial Arts HOH

  • 2014 USMAA Hall of Fame-Women of the Year
  • 2016-2017 USMAA Hall of Fame-award recipient and seminar presenter and BB judge
  • 2018-Distinguished Renown Martial Artist Award-Action Martial Arts
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