Sr. GrandMaster Jeffrey Everetts--A Life Time !!
"A Continuous Learning Experience"
Sr. Grandmaster (Soke) Jeffrey Everetts, 10th Dan began
his martial arts career in 1966 at the age of 9. He began
training in the art of Judo and moved next to
ChangMooKwan Tae Kwon Do and Indonseian Kun Tao,
and accomplished his first black belt and black sash.

In 1975 he entered the United States Army as a medical
specialist and nuclear, biological, and chemical NCO and
communications NCO, and weapons expert. He taught
"hand to hand" combat to military personnel in Mannheim,
Germany and while in Europe , traveled and trained in
several different styles of martial arts including Tai Chi ,
Shotokan Karate, and Chinese Kung Fu.

After returning to the United States in 1979, Jeff continued
to train in Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido,Kun Tao, and Tai Chi,
under Master Alan Woodard (founder of the Chinese Martial Arts Academy), Augustine
K. Lee, ( founder of TKD Chang Moo Kwan, USA), Grandmaster Will D. Egner,  (current
Sr. GM of TKD Chang Moo Kwan, USA), the late Grandmaster Kwang Sik Myung,
(founder of World Hapkido Federation and of Korea Yon Moo Kwan TKD Association),
Grandmaster Jung Soo Park, (Park's TKD Federation), Grandmaster John Pelligrini in
Hapkido,and the late Grandmaster Arthur Sikes of the North American Self Defense

Jeff is the original founder of the International Hosinsul (self defense) Federation and
his wife Grandmaster Susan Everetts is  the owner  and instructor of  the I.H.F. Martial
Arts Schools located in Allegany, NY and Smethport, PA.

**GM Jeff now volunteers his expertise as a Guest Advisor for I.H.F......
GM Jeff has trained and taught for more than 45 years...............
GM Jeff is currently certified as 10th Dan Soke with the World Organization of Mixed
Martial Arts and with the Academy of Oriental Martial Arts. He was recently promoted
Oct. 10th 2010 to World National Grandmaster "oversee" under Sr. Grandmaster
Augustine K. Lee and Sr. Grandmaster Will D. Egner, (Chang Moo Kwan TKD) to 9th
Dan, and is sanctioned as their North Eastern District Headquarters.Jeff is also an 8th
degree offical representative of the Korean Yudo and Hapkido Association, is a certified
Asian Grandmaster of  Korean Martial Arts of the Asian Grandmaster Society/World
Martial Arts Organization, certified 6th Dan International instructor of the Korean Yon
Moo Kwan Association with certificate of appointment, 5th Dan Master in Kun Tao,  5th
Dan Master in and co-founder of Deceptive Eye Kung Fu,9th Dan in Hapkido under the
Independent Hapkido Federation and 5th Dan in Hapkido under the World Hapkido
Federation, plus holds an International certificate of qualification, and is a certified
Grandmaster and member of the board of officers for the Global Network of Professional
Reality Based Fighting Instructors under Soke Dave D'Antonio, (founder).
SGM Jeff is a Master trainer for the United States Police Defensive Tactics Assoc. and
World Tactics Assoc.,under Dr. Ric Black

GM Jeff is also a certified Full Contact Karate Referee with the World Karate Association.
Jeff is currently training for Black Belt in Modern Arnis and Kombaton under Datu Tim
Hartman, of Buffalo,NY.


  • 1988 Chang Moo Kwan TKD, School of the Year
  • 1989 Chang Moo Kwan Instructor of the Year
  • 1992 Certificate of Commendation and Outstanding Contribution to the
    Developement of Hapkido-World Hapkido Federation
  • 2010 Award for "Dedication and Hard Work in Martial Arts"-World Organization of
    Mixed Martial Arts
  • 2010 "Excellence in Teaching Martial Arts"-Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors-GM
    Alan Goldberg
  • 2010 " Golden Fist Award"for Global Network of Reality Based Fighting Instructors-
    Soke Dave D'Antonio
  • 2010 "Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award"-United States Martial Artist
    Association Hall of Fame-SGM William Rankin
  • 2011 " Exemplary Contribution as an Ambassador to the Martial Arts" -Action
    Martial Arts Hall Of Honors-GM Alan Goldberg
  • 2011 "Golden Lifetime Achievement "-International Independent Martial Artist
    Association-GM Greg Goepfert
  • 2011 Legends of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame-Master Eric Kovaleski and Master
    Cynthia Rothrock   
  • 2011-Directorship-New York State-United States Martial Artist Association-under
    SGM Willaim Rankin     
  • 2011-Self Defense Grandmaster of the Year-Martial Arts Health and Fitness
  • 2011-Director for New York-United States Police Defensive Tactics Association and
    Certified Master Trainer
  • 2012-Goodwill Ambassador to the Martial Arts-Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors

  • 2012-World Karate Union Hall of Fame-Golden Lifetime Achievement-40+ years

  • 2012 Legends of The Martial Arts Hall of Fame-Legendary Granmaster Award-40+
    years- under GM Cynthia Rothrock & Master Eric Kovaleski

  • 2013 Supreme Grandmaster of the Year- United States Martial Artist Hall of Fame
  • 2014 Goodwill Ambassador to the Martial Arts-Action Martial Arts HOH
  • 2014 USMAA Hall of Fame-Man of the Year
  • 2015-2016 Action Martial Arts Hall of Honors
  • 2015 USMAA Hall of Fame- Self Defensive Practioner of the year & seminar
  • 2016-2017 USMAA Hall of Fame-Award recipient , Seminar presenter, Judge
  • 2016-November-Received Chang Moo Kwan Crest which has been held since 1975
    by GM Will D. Egner, and previously by GM Augustine K. Lee who brought it to the
  • 2018-Distinguished Renown Martial Artist Award-Action Martial Arts
Grandmasters'  Message:
" I believe in teaching and passing on all the arts in which I have studied and mastered,
thereby giving the student numerous techniques that they can apply for self defense."
" A "
True" Martial Artist is one who applies the techniques effectively, regardless of what
style it may have originated from, regardless of their age or physical size, and regardless of
what rank they may hold" When a student can accomplish this-then I have done my job......
" All the arts overlap in their techniques and goals on reaching the balance of mind, body,
and spirit."
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