Our Chang Moo Kwan
Supreme Grandmasters
Grandmaster Will D. Egner-10th Dan
Grandmaster Will D.. Egner, 10th Dan is currently the chief Grandmaster of the Korea Tae
Kwon Do Association/Chang Moo Kwan and is the highest ranking black belt that has ever
taught in certain U.S. Federal Services, and has also trained in Korea.

He began his Martial Arts career in 1957 at the age of 8, and received his 1st Dan black Belt in
1968, at the age of nineteen. He was a champion fighter and master breaker.
He received the Chang Moo Kwan Crest from Grandmaster Lee in 1975 and has just passed it
on to Grandmaster Jeff Everetts November 2016.
He received many awards and credentials:
  • 1968 Coast Champion
  • 1974 Light Heavyweight Champion-Mid Eastern Invitational championships
  • New York State Certified Teacher in the Martial Art of Korean Martial Arts
  • Reg. # 25418 Instructor: Federal Law enforcement Training Center-Depts. of Justice and
    Treasury, Glynco, Georgia
  • Former United States Justice Department Agent
  • United States Border Patrol Agent
  • Former U.S. Army  3rd Special Forces and 295th Military Police
  • 1975 Instructor of United States Team-placed 3rd overall - 1st World Open Karate
  • 1975 Outstanding Instructor-Board of Korean of Masters-presented by Grandmaster
    Augustine K. Lee
  • 2011-Inducted into World Sokeship Counsel-Orlando, Florida
  • 2012-Diamond Lifetime Achievement Award-50+ yrs.-United States Martial Artist Assoc.
    under SGM William Rankin
Grandmaster Augustine K. Lee - 10th Dan
President Richard Nixon  
President of the Korean TKD
Association, Un Yong Kim  and
Grandmaster Lee
   International Grandmaster Instructor Lee was born in Seoul, Korea and arrived in the United   
states in 1968.
 As Grandmaster of KTKDA,USA,Chang Moo Kwan ,He opened a dojang on Liberty Ave. in
Pittsburgh,Pa. in 1968.
Prior to his arrival, Lee taught the elite "White Horse" , 26th Tiger Division and Capital Security
Command( Military Police) in the Republican Korean Army.

Other accomplishments include:
  • Holding the title of Feather Weight Boxing champion of the Republic of Korea Army,1959 &
  • Asian Karate Champion -1964          

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